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Words could not express the gratitude I felt on June 1st 2011: to never have met my father due to a tragic and untimely death at the age of 31, just 15 days before I was born; and, then, to finally see him living and breathing for the first time ever on a Youtube clip, blowing on his sax--as only he could do-(especially towards the end of the clip!); it was as if that day everything in my life just made sense. I am so thankful to feel like I now know my other half:)





Gregory Herbert was an American saxaphone, piccolo, and flute player. Many viewed him to be a musical prodigy, having played with Duke Ellington at the tender age of 17.


Although he never made his own album, he played on a number of recordings with several great artists from Woody Herman, to Thad Jones and Mel Lewis, to Pat Martino and Chet Baker, among many others.


He was dearly loved and respected not only as a musician but as a person so much that when he died, not even a horrific blizzard that shut down the city could stop the hundreds of mourners from paying him their last respects.


To this day, there are those who contemplate where his career might have ended up had he lived, certain that he would have become one of the world's most treasured artists.


Many have paid and continue to pay tribute to the late great Gregory Herbert: he has been mentioned in several jazz publications, he has been featured on American radio stations, and continues to have an adoring fan base around the world. He will never be forgotten.

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